Who does it benefit

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I might remember, involve me and I will understand.”
Chinese proverb

PlayReal offers great benefits for children, organisations and schools.

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PlayReal for Organisations

We begin by framing the organisation’s need, which could be to communicate a message, come up with ideas for new products, think of new strategies, etc. Then we develop a story and characters that reflect this need.

We create adventures that invite players to come up with solutions. From the organisation’s knowledge, values and resources, we create a game character (Intergalactic Counsellor).

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PlayReal for Schools

We begin by framing the educational outcome. Then we weave the educational content into a story. We create adventures that invite players to think creatively, work collaboratively and come up with solutions to real-world problems.

We seek for organisations that provide knowledge, values and resources in the given theme and create a character for them (Intergalactic Counsellor).

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The first phase of PlayReal was possible through funds provided by the Gamefonds, development partner company The Beach and the PlayReal team who have invested their time and effort.