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Story and Characters

The Interplanetary Consortium, a galaxy-wide association of planets which promotes healthy planetary development through collaboration among members, is considering Planet Earth for membership.

However, there is some hesitation. According to its charter members must be advanced societies. They should have achieved significant planetary awareness, sensible technological development, and strategies to sustain a relatively equitable and peaceful society.

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Adventures are assigned to teams assembled with the help of the Team Builder. This brings together individuals based on their particular aptitudes and skills as reported on their profiles.

For example, a player might be an able researcher, particularly creative, a fine draughtsman, or good at building things.

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Dheghom Trailer

The future of planet Earth is at stake.

The Interplanetary Consortium has issued a challenge to our planet.

Verlo Aiskros: I am not sure that humans are up to the task.

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Collective Wisdom

Two know more than one. And five know more than two. This is the basis of collective wisdom. And with that it is as old as mankind. We have built our societies with it, from scratch. By combining skills, ideas and insights. And by working together in teams, in which we take up different goals to reach a common goal. The common of practice.
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How to Play

Welcome to the World of Dheghom. In this world we try to solve the major issues encountered on planet Dheghom as well as important problems faced by Planet Earth.

There are four places where players come together to play.

* in the classroom
* in the social game-space
* in the virtual world (where you can meet the Dheghomians)
* at the Geodome, a travelling geodesic tent currently located in a beautiful nature area in the borders of Amsterdam.

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