Next Phases

We recently completed the experimental Phase of the project. We are now working on the next two Phases.

PlayReal recently completed the first Phase of the project.  This first Phase allowed us to further create the concept, develop a prototype of the large scale platform and run a pilot with the Amsterdam International Community School to test our assumptions. At the same time, we started to build a network of partner organisations.

At this moment, we have an operating game-space for small groups, a test-case virtual world and a travelling Geodome tent with surround projections and sound to create a magical atmosphere, as well as a whole infrastructure for events in a beautiful location in nature on the borders of Amsterdam.

The next Phase will emphasise on finalising the large-scale platform, further building the PlayReal network of partner organisations, executing more games in the Netherlands and Netherlands Antilles, and building a solid business plan.

A third Phase will put emphasis on a New Economy episode, support the platform development for a game monetary system and expand the expertise in the Netherlands and abroad.

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In a Nutshell

PlayReal is a massive multiplayer online and offline game (MMOOG). The first of its kind, and with just as unique a goal. To help create solutions for a sustainable planet.

How? By helping young gamers think in that direction while using their typical digital skills. And then translate that to the outside world. By doing so on a global scale we aim for the new generations to come up with new solutions. Both online and offline.
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Why we do it

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

Children solve problems while playing. And without thinking twice. It’s in their nature to keep trying until things work out. We want to tap into that energy, and help them to use that capability. They are the carriers of future ideas and solutions. PlayReal aims to support them by building these, through playing. And create a new way of thinking in doing so.
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Next Phases

We recently completed the experimental Phase of the project. We are now working on the next two Phases.

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Who does it benefit

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I might remember, involve me and I will understand.”
Chinese proverb

PlayReal offers great benefits for children, organisations and schools.

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PlayReal for Organisations

We begin by framing the organisation’s need, which could be to communicate a message, come up with ideas for new products, think of new strategies, etc. Then we develop a story and characters that reflect this need.

We create adventures that invite players to come up with solutions. From the organisation’s knowledge, values and resources, we create a game character (Intergalactic Counsellor).

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PlayReal for Schools

We begin by framing the educational outcome. Then we weave the educational content into a story. We create adventures that invite players to think creatively, work collaboratively and come up with solutions to real-world problems.

We seek for organisations that provide knowledge, values and resources in the given theme and create a character for them (Intergalactic Counsellor).

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Intergalactic Counsellors

PlayReal drives on participation from organisations providing knowledge on specific areas. That can be farming, engineering, architecture, biology or water management, for example. Together with the players they help create local solutions for the challenges being presented.

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